New TwitterListener

As a result of some status-update logging we've been doing, I've just added a new listener to CFLogger: TwitterListener. Once configured, this listener will post any message as a status update to a given Twitter account.

It uses the Twitter API via basic authentication, so you'll need to initialise the TwitterListener instance with your Twitter account username and password.

Note that posts to the Twitter API are rate-limited to (currently) 150 requests per hour. If you send more messages than that, you're likely to be blacklisted, so don't send all your DEBUG messages via this listener!

If anyone finds any particularly funky uses for this, let me know.

Hello, and welcome to CFLogger.

Just a quick introduction to the CFLogger project. It's a simple but flexible logger library that allows multitple 'listeners' per logger. The library was originally built a coupe of years ago as part of the White Label Dating platform, but I've now tidied it up and documented it to permit it's release to the wild.

The source code, docs, issue tracker etc are all available on CFLogger's GitHub page where you can also clone the repository to work on your own version. If you make any changes, add a new listener etc, let me know with a pull request and I'll look at pulling it in to the master branch.

Since the initial release, I've realised that the download tarball from GitHub doesn't come in a nicely packaged 'cflogger' directory, which means you have to rename it to get things to work. I've shifted the source around slightly so it's much easier to get started.

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